Committed to Helping

We are dedicated to helping those less fortunate and always striving
to make our community a better place to live.

Polish Museum of America

We were chosen to build a display for an exhibit by a Chicago resident who traveled the world taking pictures with a very unusual camera. We had to use extreme caution while building in the center of the main room because of the hundreds of historic artifacts surrounding us. This was one of our more interesting and most challenging projects we have completed and the exhibit was one of the highest attended in the museum's recent history.

Improving Our Environment

We worked with the Department of Environment, Culture and Conservation through The Field Museum on Chicago Climate Action Plan. We look forward to a continued partnership with the Department of Environment (DoE) and doing our part to preserving our environment for future generations.

Community Affiliation

In preparation for renovating many of our clients find themselves cleaning out old toys, clothes, appliances, and other items that they no longer need. As we are proud sponsors of many organizations in our community and outside, we are glad to donate those items in the names of our clients. We will even do our best to make the donations to other charities our clients might suggest.

Charities & Causes

Arlington Heights, Illinois
Supporting our troops is very important to us and we are always helping out when ever we can. Connecting our youth with the what is means to be a United State soldier, and showing them the pride and sacrific that the armed forces give to our country.

To All Visitors ‐ From David

Salute, Inc. is helping wounded veterans in our neighborhoods here in the Chicago area. If you have any items that could be donated to these families who so bravely fought for our freedom please let me know. Some of the soldiers have small children that we can help with donating clothes, diapers and many other items that your children might no longer need. 100% of the donations go directly to those families and I would be happy to pickup anything that you may care to donate. I thank your from the bottom of my heart for helping our troops. If you have anything to donate please email me or call 630-605-5501.
Thank You, David

Washington, Illinois
Picking up the pieces after the devastating tornadoes that recently ripped through central Illinois.

Every little bit helps

We have been traveling downstate to help with the recovery. The total devastation this town has been through is unbelievable, people lost everything, picking up the pieces and get these people back on their feet will be an ongoing effort years to come.

Taking Donations

We will pick up beds, clothes, toys and many other things to take down to the people of these communities from your home for free. 100% of those donations go to those families in need of a helping hand. If you have anything you want to donate, please give us a call and we will schedule a time to come pick it up.

Supporting Scouts
We work with kids, getting them involved with scouting and help raise money for kids who are less fortunate and cannot afford scouting programs. Getting kids involved in scouting is a great way to build leadership and teach respect.