Let us help you
From custom home building to hanging a tree swing we do it all.
Call or email us to find out how we can help you with your next project.

Design & Building

Our plans or yours, our team can build your new home from the ground up using the latest technologies and top craftsmen.

Renovations & Remodels

Remolding a 100 year old house takes experince and knowlodge, we can make it look like new while keeping the character you fell in love with when you bought it.

Home Repairs

We will hang holiday lights, clean walkways, flush out gutters, set up an ice rink, and hundreds other tasks that usually would require a long list of people to complete.

Insulation Installation

Properly insulating your home saves you money, keeps you comfortable, and provides many other great benefits.

Custom Cabinetry

Our cabinetry is completely handcrafted in our shop. Whether you bring in your own plans or use our design services, we will create your dream kitchen from start to finish.

Emergency Restoration

Flood or fire? We'll work with your insurance company and use professional equiptment to restore your house as good as new, making an unfortunate situation as painless as possible.

Home Inspections

Our experienced, certified team of home inspectors will provide a detailed report and send out samples for asbestos and other critical tests.

Outdoor Living

Add a fireplace or pizza oven to your patio, turn your yard into a beautiful retreat – we can make the outside of your house just as beautiful as the inside.

EPA standards help you be certain that no one is selling you unnecessary products. Stay educated and as with everything in your home always feel free to call on us if you need help.
Condo Association Inspections // Construction Verification
Plumbing Inspections // Roof Scanning // Thermal Imaging
Warranty Inspections // Water Sprinklers (DE winterizing)
Improving your outdoor space will add value to your home and when the weather turns nice in Chicago you can spend as much time as possible outside.

Take care of your mature trees

Trees add value to your home. Six mature well maintained oak trees can be equivalent of 20% of your property value. Tree care is inexpensive but bad tree maintenance can cost your more than you realize in the long run.

Protect Your Trees

Ask your landscaper when they can prune Elm or Oak trees, there is definitely a right time and wrong time to do it. If they know you have someone that knows their trees, if not you should consider finding someone who does.

Hire the Right People

Most landscapers don't carry insurance coverage for over 12' so don't get yourself in a bad situation with whoever is pruning your trees. Your tree trimmer not only should know how to care for your trees but should be insured, trained and have decades of experience.